Burn Calories Without Trying!

I get asked the question all the time....even though the asker is usually joking... 

"How can I burn calories without trying? lol"

The truth is you actually can and I am going to show you how!

Sneak Workouts

At some point throughout the day, many of us find ourselves in a position where we really aren't doing anything.  Maybe you have a sit down desk job, a commute to work or even just sitting in the car waiting for somebody to get out of work/school etc.  

This is the prime opportunity to perform The Sneak Workout.  All it takes is a simple item, such as one of the items from our SUPER BUY section (fitness items for under $5 shipped!).

Getting a Grip

For my sneak workout today I have chosen grip strength.  I happen to have a grip-master on me to use today (as pictured).  

While reviewing my morning emails, I performed alternate finger combinations with the grip master switching hands and combinations regularly.  Not only did this help alleviate the monotony of reading business emails, it got me a good hand grip strength workout for the day.  

Attention To The Ignored

Now my scheduled workout for this afternoon involved chest, shoulders and biceps so the sneak workout gave a little bit of attention to an area (the hand) that would have otherwise gone largely ignored.

Over all, without any real effort I manged to:

  • Burn Some Extra Calories
  • Work My Hand Muscles
  • Make A Work Task Seem To Go Faster

All The Benefits...None Of The Work

Hop on over to the Super Buy section and pick up a grip, hand or chest exerciser and you will see what I'm talking about!