Free Personal Training Workout for June 26th 2019!


If you spend any amount of time at all on the internet you will have heard of HIIT workouts.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  HIIT and Tabata workouts are very popular forms in interval training that can give you great results in a minimal amount of time.  

The key to these workouts is to perform each exercise at maximum intensity fore 45 seconds followed by a 15 second rest.  

Do Not Let This Steer You Away!

Think of it this way.  If you have never run a race before and a friend calls you to say; "Hey, lets go run a marathon".  You may respond with something along the lines of; "How about we try a 5k first?".  Use this same logic with HIIT workouts.

If the look of this workout seems intimidating to you, try going through the workout at a slow to moderate pace first.  Perform the workout beginning to end, at a pace you can handle, just to make sure you can finish it.  

Using correct form, perform each workout to completion.  You will find that the next workout you can go through at a much higher pace.  Keep this up until you can give that maximum effort each time.  

No matter your fitness level, you are going to get a great workout  

All in 10 Minutes!

Now for a cooldown try bouncing a ball.  That's right, something as simple as bouncing a ball.  

Pick any ball you have around no matter if its a basketball or a tennis ball.

Bounce the ball against the ground and catch it with your hands.  Walk around while you do it.  Nothing complicated, just bounce and catch.  You will not only get a good and safe cool down, you will also work your hand/eye coordination skills.  

This will help with fall prevention and success in day to day activities.  


Good Luck With Your Workout!