Instagram's Down, Are You?

So for a while so far today the popular social media platform Instagram has been down.  

I'm not sure how long this will last, honestly it doesn't even put a dent in my day.  This isn't me bragging, I just have too much work to get around to Instagram.

This does bring up several points of thought.

Do you rely too much on Instagram?

If Instagram disappeared right now would you still have a job?  Would you still be an "expert"?  Would this effect your income significantly?

If Yes, perhaps too many of your eggs are in one basket.  


A couple suggestions you may have heard before but I feel they are worth repeating.  

1.  Research Email marketing.  You never know when Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are going to go down or worse yet change or disappear completely.  You do not want to be caught suddenly without your main method of doing your job.   Email however, is significantly more stable. 

2.  Have a real life following.  Sure I love interacting with my two thousand plus Instagram followers, however I have many local clients i work with as well.   If Instagram disappeared I would still have work.  

3.  Start a website or blog.  Use your various social media accounts to direct people there.  If social media goes down or changes their polices so you can no longer perform your business in the same capacity.  You still have your own media outlet readily available


Be Something In Real Life

These may seem like no brainer suggestions, but you'd be surprised how many people hit sudden panic when something they become accustomed to suddenly disappears.    (Just research Black Tuesday 1929 ) 

Social media can provide amazing tools esp for those of us in the fitness industry.  Do not however put all your weight on them.  Be something in real life.  

After all how many of these internet celebrities would be celebrities if you take away Instagram?  

I have to sign off now, I have a business to run in real life