Learning To Breathe

I spent a majority of my morning online researching the subject of breathing during middle distance running.  

I spent hours scrolling through article after article on the subject.  

While doing this a friend was passing through and asked what I was doing.  He responded with "I thought you were a runner, don't you know how to breathe while running?"

He is correct, I was a runner. More importantly I am currently a trainer, instructor and coach.  If you follow me on Instagram (@LiveQoqi) or Twitter (@LiveQoqi) you by now know how much value I place on continuing education.  

If your trainer is not constantly seeking out new information, they are not doing their job as your teacher.  

Always Learning

I invested this time in researching breathing techniques so that I am providing the best service to my athletes.  

I owe it to them to bring them the best, most up to date, fact based knowledge possible  On any other day I may be researching new stretching techniques, arm form while running or even running shoe selection.  

I don't do this because I don't know how to do these things, I do this because I want to know if there are better methods.  

Always Questioning 

This all being said, it never hurts to question why a person is researching.

I once met a guy who admitted to me that in the early days of mixed martial arts he held MMA classes in his gym.  He would simply YouTube videos on how to perform moves and then go teach them in his class.  

This is a very deceptive and dangerous practice.  There is a vast difference between keeping up to date on topics and learning binge learning topics to teach.  

This is why I always say;

Constantly Question Your Teacher