Rain Rain Go Away

So its almost noon and a rainy/gloomy day here but its been an interesting one.  Let me give you a quick recap so far...

Morning Front Porch Coffee Hangs

My day began wonderful.  Took Baby Dog for a walk (in the rain, she doesn't mind) and then sat on the front porch with My Sara and drank coffee.  One of my favorite parts of the day is when I come back from a walk and she has a cup of coffee waiting for me :-)

Drove To The Office

I'm an old school musician and I LOVE driving and listening to music . Thoroughly enjoyed some music made by friends while on my drive.  Gets me pumped up for the day.  

Checked The Mail

Here is where a wrench was effectively thrown into my day.  I received a letter in the mail that made my heart stop.  A property I own was placed into the tax sale for lack of payment and the redemption amount was HUGE.  I could not figure out how this had happened or worse what to do next.  :-(

Breathe Then Proceed

After panicking for a bit, its a natural first reaction, I went over several possible scenarios in my head.  I had a huge battle ahead of me but I needed a clear action plan.  I sat down on re-read the letter. 


It was a mistake!  A letter sent to my property for a previous owner regarding a different property.  I literally (and loudly) vocalized my relief.  I have nothing at all to worry about.

The Whole Day Ahead of Me

It seems like my day has been a roller-coaster of ups and downs so far and its barely noon!  It was however a nice reminder to stay calm in the face of adversity.  Tackle problems one step at a time and stay focused.  

This does not have much to do with fitness, personal training or connecting you with the best possible deals on fitness gear but I wanted to take this moment to share my day with you.  If you are having or have had a similar day you are not alone.  

Feel free to share your crazy day stories with me.  I may post them on here for others to appreciate.