RIP Etika

Yes, this may get lost in the sea of like subject articles, but I will post it anyway.


Because this is a tough conversation to have and often times it is never started.  Because if it reaches one person or starts one conversation or prevents one such incident then it was worth my time.  

RIP Mike

This is a conversation I never started with my little brother and one I will now never be able to start.  

There are people like me all over the world that did not get to have that conversation.  

RIP Etika

The recent passing of Desmond Amofah AKA Etika is just another example.  Young, happy, full of life and now no longer with us.  

I did not know him but I don't have to.  I also did not know Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain or Chester Bennington.  

It often takes a tragedy to get people to take notice but we can change that. 

Do It...Do It Do It Do It

So do it.   Do something to start that conversation.  Post that article.  Share that Tweet, Get that tattoo.  Share your story.  Offer your help.  

Do not worry about being cheesy.  Do not worry about people thinking you are being a band-wagoner.  Do what needs to be done.

The internet is full of suicide hotline and posts for said hotlines.  This is good!  these are very important and I support them all the time.  

Just as important we need to foster an environment where people feel free discussing their thoughts hopefully before it gets to that point.  


Mental health is just as important as physical health.  I would not be doing my job as a trainer if I did not offer help in that area as well.  I may not be perfect, but I will do my best.  

I offer up my DM's on facebook, twitter and instagram always for anybody that needs to talk or vent.  my email as well.

Make that same offer.  Do your best.