The Real PRE Workout

Last week I actually arrived to my office without the keys to the front door.  Had to drive all the way back home to get them.  

Planning ahead is important in all aspects of life, but none as important as planning your workout.  

There are many aspects to pre workout planning such as 

  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Location (where the workout will take place)
  • Health

I cannot stress that final point enough.  You hear all the time;

Check with your doctor begin beginning a exercise program.  

I recently came across this article from the good people at Go4Life

Now I know what you may be thinking, I have been exercising for a while.  I already know this.  This may be true, but maybe somebody you know does not.  

Please share this information with any elderly or sedentary people you know that are planning on beginning a fitness program and encourage them to begin.


-Mat Ferriter CPT/GFI